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The Community Portal is the central place to find out what's happening on Project SYW. Learn what tasks need to be done, what topics wait for contributors and learn about current activities.


Readers often contact us to become members of our community, believing that this will give them access to additional protected material. In fact, visitors have full access to all articles and images published in this Wiki and there is no such thing as hidden articles accessible only to members. Membership does not give access to any additional material. However, only members can edit articles. If you prefer to remain a regular reader, you can support us with donations.

If you are interested to become a member, please read this page describing our community, then have a look at our editing policies and our privacy policy. After reading these articles, if you feel comfortable with our approach, please contact us to obtain your userid, stating any specific interest that you may have in this project (naval history, graphic design, writing about a given army, campaign, battle, etc.).

Most active contributors

Our community is still small but already some contributors have invested a lot of efforts to structure and populate the site.


Users are those who edit the various articles by themselves. Our most active users are (in alphabetical order):

  • Frédéric Aubert who has created the initial uniform plates of the Swedish infantry, those of the Hessian army and the uniform plates and colours of the Prussian cavalry and of the British army, and has supplied us with precious references for the uniforms and flags of various armies
  • Crogge who researches the Austrian, Brunswick, Hesse-Kassel, Holy Roman Empire, Palatinate, Saxony and Württemberg armies and is producing plates for the artillery of the various belligerents
  • Richard Couture who creates most articles related to the French army, creates the uniform plates for the Austrian and the Prussian armies and edits and publishes all the material submitted by indirect contributors
  • Fabriziodavi who creates or improves several articles
  • Ibrahim90 who has participated to the creation of the uniform plates of the Austrian, British and French cavalries, Spanish, Portuguese and Modenese armies, and is currently working on the New England Provincials
  • Kopset who has created several articles related to the British, Brunswickers, Hanoverians, Hessians (Hessian-Kassel), Schaumburgers as well as those for the units from Würzburg in the Reichsarmee
  • Westfalenbaer who has written articles on some regiments of the Prussian infantry
  • Zahn who adds detailed information to the articles on the Austrian, Prussian, Saxon, Württemberg and Holy Roman Empire armies and gives us access to his incredible collection

Other contributors

Indirect contributors are those who submit material (articles, drawings, plans...) which is then edited and published. Our most active contributors are (in alphabetical order):

  • Alessandro who has contributed several orders of battle and articles
  • Luc Antonelli who has contributed to our article on the Modenese army.
  • the French website Armae who has kindly authorised us to use pictures of their wonderful weapons replica
  • Barry who has done some proof reading
  • Gunnar W. Bergman who has contributed articles on the campaigns, battles, units and personalities involved in the war in Pomerania
  • Luc Bertrand who has supplied precious information on the Canadian militia
  • Carlo Bessolo who has contributed several articles
  • Ewan Carmichael for his authorisation to publish his dissertation "To what extent was Great Britain able to influence her strategy in the face of the events of the Seven Years' War?"
  • Bob Cornez who has supplied interesting details on the British frigate Nightingale (24)
  • Wendy Cosper and Charles Borris for their kind authorisation to use the information they have gathered during their research on the French establishment of Petite Rochelle on the border between Nouvelle-France and Acadia
  • Dal who is regularly contributing articles and plates on vexillology and uniform plates for the Württemberger and Prussian armies
  • David of Not By Appointment who has kindly authorise us to use his great templates to produce some of our uniform plates and who is also producing plates for the Austrian and Russian Hussars
  • Dawid who has produced several colours for the Prussian fusiliers and Swedish infantry
  • Leonard Dorn who has added very interesting historical anecdotes to some articles
  • Fabrizio who has contributed an article on the Saxon Chevaux-Légers
  • Kenneth P. Dunne who has improved several articles on the British regiments who campaigned in North America
  • Tony Flores who is contributing a large number of high definition digitized maps (campaigns, battles, sieges) retrieved from various historical sources
  • Andrew J. Francis who is often suggesting improvements to existing articles
  • Barry Gray who has undertaken the immense task of editing our articles
  • Ralph Gundram who has kindly authorised us to base our article on the Combat of Doebeln on his own article and material
  • Martina Hager who has contributed to the articles on the Prussian army
  • Hannoverdidi who has designed the wonderful uniform plates and flags of the Brunswicker, Hanoverian and Saxon armies and has produced flags for the Prussian army
  • Abbass Hassan Obbaiss who is contributing articles on the general context of the war
  • William Jack who has contributed articles on the Provincial units of North America
  • Harald Howe who has kindly authorised us to publish his sketches of the battle of Vellinghausen
  • Joce who gradually creates uniforms templates for the Austrian, Bavarian, French, Hessian (Hesse-Kassel), Imperial, Prussian, Spanish, Swedish and Württemberger armies
  • Juan who regularly contributes detailed information on the Spanish army and navy
  • Juan José who has submitted precious material related to the Portuguese and Spanish armies
  • jws who has contributed sources and pictures on the combat of Amöneburg
  • Tomasz Karpiński who has contributed several articles on the campaigns and battles fought in Eastern Europe and who scanned several maps in the Grosser Generalstab publications of the beginning of the XXth century
  • Mathias Kussman who has contributed detailed articles on the Grenzer troops of the Austrian army
  • Diego Lena for the Austro-Imperial order of battle at Freiberg
  • Luc Lépine who has contributed to some articles on the French army
  • Jean-Pierre Loriot who is contributing articles and plates on the troops of the French Compagnie des Indes
  • Joseph Malit and Kriegsarmaturen who have kindly authorised us to publish illustrations of reconstructed Prussian grenadier mitre caps
  • Emilio Moskowich who has translated entire sections of the books of the Conde de Clonard on the Spanish army
  • Not By Appointment website who has kindly authorised us to use its uniform templates
  • Gilbert Noury who has kindly authorised us to publish his illustrations of French colours and standards
  • Dr. Marco Pagan, Dario Correale and Franco Saudelli who are collectively working to produce new articles as well as a large quantity of wonderful plates to illustrate existing articles
  • Joseph O'Neill who has supplied lots of information about the Portuguese army
  • Michel Pétard, the famous French uniformologist who has authorised us to publish some of his plates
  • Philippe who has contributed rare documents found in the archives of the French army historical service
  • PMPdeL who has created the flags of the German regiments in the French service and the several flags of the Austrian, British and Imperial armies
  • Grzegorz Podruczny who has started the publication of a series of articles on Prussian fortresses
  • rf-figuren who has designed the great uniform plates (based on Not By Appointment templates) and flags for the Russian army and Palatine Army, who has completed our collection of Prussian infantry colours, who has worked on the articles and uniform plates of the Bavarian army, who has produced uniform plates for the foreign regiments in the French service and coloured the mitre caps created by Digby, and who has produced uniform plates for the British army and colours for the Swedish cavalry
  • Manuel Ribeiro Rodrigues who has been our main source of information on the Portuguese army and has kindly authorised us to publish his own uniform plates
  • Crogge (Christian Rogge) who is currently producing wonderful plates on the artillery of the various belligerents and who has submitted an incredible amount of material on the campaigns and battles in Western Germany, Saxony, Bohemia, Silesia... well almost everywhere!
  • Chris Salander who has contributed the map of the engagement of Gohfeld
  • Karola Sauerländer who has contributed information on the campaign of 1757 in western Germany
  • Volker Scholz who is researching the colours of various units and states of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Roman Shlygin who contributes articles and images related to the Russian Army and Navy
  • Harald Skala who is validating our articles on the campaigns in eastern Germany, Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, and is contributing articles on several Austrian and French personalities as well as uniform plates of Austrian and Prussian units
  • Digby Smith who has created the illustrations of the mitre caps of all Prussian infantry regiments and supplies us with lots of information on the armies of Austria, Great Britain, Hesse-Kassel and Prussia
  • Jean-Charles Soulié who is contributing articles on the Compagnie Franches de la Marine and the Canadian militia
  • Pascal Stalder who has forwarded us his list of eBooks which has been integrated into our eBooks section
  • Stephen Thomson who has contributed the colours of the Virginia Provincials
  • Traveller who has submitted precious material related to the Swedish campaigns in Pomerania
  • Sunil Unni who contributed info on the Prussian line infantry organisation
  • Jean-Louis Vial who has kindly authorised us to use the wonderful material published on Nec Pluribus Impar, his own website, and has contributed several new articles
  • Adam Woolhead who has forwarded us his list of eBooks which has been integrated into our eBooks section
  • Dr. Duane C. Young who help us improve existing articles and contribute new ones
  • Zahn who supplies us with lots of information about all armies of this era and who is contributing rare illustrations from his huge collections

Other contributors, who prefer to remain anonymous, also give us precious advices concerning our publications.

Subjects waiting for contributors

Even with all the great contributions made, there are still more subjects to cover than our small team can afford to do. For example, all navies are still waiting for contributors.

If interested to become a member of our community, please contact our webmaster.

To Do List

Besides publication of articles on the aforementioned subjects, we are also looking for help for the following tasks:

  1. to create maps to illustrate our articles on various campaigns, battles and sieges
  2. to proof read our publications (most of us use English as a second language)

Guidelines, help and resources

Please consult our editing policies before starting to contribute to our knowledge base.