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At the beginning of the war, Prussia had no navy as such. Frederick II employed a few British corsairs.

During the winter of 1758-59, some fishing boats and small commercial ships were converted into warships to protect the mouth of the Oder. This small flotilla was based in Stettin. It was disbanded on May 29 1762.


Marines (in fact musketeers from Garrison Regiment No. I Puttkammer acting as marines and often designated as grenadiers)

British Corsairs

King of Prussia, under captain MacAffee
Lissa (34), under Hugh Caine
Emden (16), under John Wake
Prinz Ferdinand (12), under Jacob Merryfield
Lancashire Witch, under Charles Ratcliffe


In 1757

Koenig von Preussen (14)
Prinz Heinrich (14)
Prinz von Preussen (14)
Prinz Wilhelm (14)

In 1761

Preussen (24)
Schlesien (24)
Juno (10)
Pallas (10)


Jupiter (10)
Mars (10)
Merkur (12)
Neptun (12)


Pluto (6)
Proserpina (6)


N.B.: small crafts bearing one or two masts.

Number 1 (6)
Number 2 (6)
Number 3 (6)
Number 4 (6)
Number 21 (6)


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