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Prussia kept 2 parks of siege artillery in store. One in the Silesian fortress of Neisse for a possible siege of the strongly fortified town of Olmütz in Moravia. Another one was stored in Berlin intended for laying siege to Prague in Bohemia. By the Seven Years' War, these were the only fortified places in the path of a potential invasion of Austrian territory. All pieces had metal cast barrels – i.e. cast bronze to that times gunnery terms – iron cast pieces along with metal cast ones were only employed as defence guns within Prussian fortified places.

The Neisse siege park had a total of 92 pieces consisting of:

  • 20 x 24-pdr cannon
  • 20 x 12-pdr heavy cannon
  • 20 x 10-pdr howitzers
  • 20 x 50-pdr mortars
  • 12 x 140-pdr stone-mortars.

The stone mortars were used for night time bombardment. Their incoming shots (a charge of cobble stones of between 6 to 12 pound a piece) could not be heard so that it could scare the defenders repairing teams away from their positions – or at least delay their work. During this period, however, these pieces were more often used by the defenders against the attackers sappers in a similar way and with similar intention (Tempelhof).

The Berlin siege park is estimated to be of an equal or slightly smaller size. Only 30 heavy cannon and 20 50-pdr mortars were brought up on the Elbe for the blockade of Prague in May/June 1757.


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