Saint-Ignon, Jean-Antoine-Joseph Comte de

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Saint-Ignon, Jean-Antoine-Joseph Comte de

(not to be confused with his brother Saint-Ignon, Jean-Baptiste Comte de who also served with the Austrian Army)

Austrian Colonel (1753-58), General Feldwachtmeister (1758-64), Feldmarshall Lieutenant (1764-79)

Small Cross of the Maria Theresien Order

born on March 18, 1720, Boudrezy near Mercy-le-Bas, Lorraine, Holy Roman Empire

died May 9, 1779, Castle of Puxe, Lorraine, France


Portrait of Jean-Antoine-Joseph in 1762 – Source: Wikimedia Commons

Jean-Antoine-Joseph was born on March 18 1720 at Boudrezy near Mercy-le-Bas. He was the son of Anselme de Saint-Ignon and of Gabrielle de Gourdon.

In 1737, Jean-Antoine-Joseph entered in the Austrian service.

In 1741, Jean-Antoine-Joseph became lieutenant in the Austrian Charles de Saint-Ignon Cuirassiers.

Somewhere after 1745, Jean-Antoine-Joseph was promoted to captain in the Serbelloni Cuirassiers.

On February 14 1748, Jean-Antoine-Joseph was promoted to aide-de-camp-general. On December 8, he was appointed imperial chamberlain.

On March 19 1749, Jean-Antoine-Joseph married his cousin Marie-Appoline de Saint-Ignon.

On September 23 1750, Jean-Antoine-Joseph was promoted to lieutenant-colonel.

On August 20 1753, Jean-Antoine-Joseph was promoted to colonel.

On January 19 1757, Jean-Antoine-Joseph was promoted to colonel-commander of the Herzog Württemberg Dragoons. On June 18, he distinguished himself at the Battle of Kolin where he was wounded.

On May 6 1758, Jean-Antoine-Joseph was promoted to General Feldwachtmeister (GFWM). On May 7, he received the Small Cross of the Maria-Theresa Order, in the first promotion of this military order.

On January 14 1759, Jean-Antoine-Joseph became proprietor of the Saint-Ignon Dragoons.

For the campaign of 1760, Jean-Antoine-Joseph was initially attached to the army of Feldzeugmeister Ernst Gideon Loudon operating in Silesia. Jean-Antoine-Joseph was at the head of a brigade consisting of Benedikt Daun Cuirassiers and Alt-Modena Cuirassiers in the second line of the cavalry left wing. On June 23, Jean-Antoine-Joseph took part in the Battle of Landeshut. On August 15, he fought in the Battle of Liegnitz where he was wounded and taken prisoner by the Prussians.

In March 1761, Jean-Antoine-Joseph was exchanged. He then returned to Lorraine to look after his wound and did not take part in the last campaigns of the Seven Years' War.

On May 5 1764, Jean-Antoine-Joseph was promoted to Feldmarshall Lieutenant (FML) and attached to the headquarters of the Austrian Netherlands.

On May 9 1766, Jean-Antoine-Joseph was appointed member of the Privy Council.

Jean-Antoine-Joseph died in his Castle of Puxe on May 9 1779.


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