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Saltykov, count Piotr Semionovich

Major-General (1733-41), Lieutenant-General (1741-58), General en Chef (1758-59), Field Marshal (1759-72)

Commander in chief of the Russian Army (1759-60)

born in 1700

died December 15, 1772, near Moscow


Painting of Piotr Semionovich Saltykov - Source: Wikipedia

Piotr Semionovich was the son of General en Chef Count Simon Andreevich Saltykov. He was remotely related to Tsarina Anna Ivanovna.

In 1714, Saltykov joined the Garde but soon, on Peter the Great's instructions, he undertook naval training in France where he spent most of his life until 1733.

In 1733, Saltykov was granted the hereditary title of count and promoted to major-general.

In 1741, Saltykov was promoted to lieutenant-general.

In 1742 and 1743, during the Russo-Swedish War (1741–43), Saltykov under Field Marshal Keith and Lacy against the Swedes.

In 1758, Empress Elizabeth Petrovna promoted Saltykov to general en chef.

In June 1759, Saltykov was appointed commander-in-chief of the Russian army. On July 23, he defeated the Prussian General Wedel at the Battle of Paltzig. A few weeks later, on August 12, assisted by an Austrian corps under Loudon, he won the sanguinary Battle of Kunersdorf against Frederick II. On August 29, Saltykov was promoted to field marshal.

In 1760, Saltykov commanded the Russian army during the campaign in Brandenburg and in Silesia. On October 30, he fell very sick and had to cede command of the army.

During the brief reign of Peter III, Saltykov was not employed by the emperor.

When Catherine II seized power, Saltykov was rehabilitated. On May 15, 1763, he was appointed commander-in-Chief of Moscow. He exercised this function until November 13, 1771 when he was dismissed from office by Catherine II because he had fled Moscow during an epidemic of plague to take refuge in his domain of Marfino. During his absence a serious riot had taken place in the city on September 16.

Saltykov died on December 15, 1772.


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