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The heroon (hero shrine) of Pandion was located in the southeast corner of the Akropolis. A first shrine was probably built in the Early Classical Period but was replaced around 430 BC. The sanctuary, some 3,8 m lower than the terrace of the Parthenon, consisted of a rectangular (40 m deep by 17.5 m wide) open-air precinct on the west, divided into 2 areas by a wall: the sanctuary proper to the west and an ergasterion (workshop) to the east. The sanctuary was accessed through a propylon on the west.

A statue of Pandion, the eponymous hero of an Athenian tribe and of the Pandia (festival of all-Zeus), stood in the precinct. The workshop was probably used by the various artisans working on the Akropolis.

An earlier precinct was buried during the leveling of the terrace of the Parthenon around 450 BC. During these works, the southeast corner of the Akropolis was considerably raised.


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