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An altar to Apollo Pythios was dedicated by Peisistratos in 522/521 BC to the south of the Olympeion, outside the City Walls towards the Ilissos river. He also began the construction of a shrine. However, the Athenians stopped the construction of this shrine which probably remained in an unfinished state. The altar and the statue of Apollo Pythios were located in this shrine. The precinct also contained several choregic monuments on round bases who seem to be associated with the festival of the Thargelia. Thukidides mentions this sanctuary which he calls the Pythion.

This sanctuary must not be confused with the shrine of Apollo Pythios Hypoakraios located in a cave on the northwest slope of the Akropolis which is also designated by some ancient authors as the Pythion.

To do

  1. Verify that some choregic monuments were already there in 421 BC.


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